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The vision behind RatioAnalysis.net is to empower individuals to perform their own research and analysis and continue their quest for knowledge in the field of investing, wealth creation and financial management.

The website was setup by Axel Tracy, an Accounting & Finance graduate from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), in April 2011. The website has gone through a number of transformations and iterations. The current structure of the website was setup in September 2016.

Axel lives in Australia and you can contact him via axel@bidicapital.com.

In February 2012, Bidi Capital Pty Ltd was registered as a company in NSW, Australia, by Axel and it took over legal ownership of RatioAnalysis.net after being part of a sole trader business. Bidi Capital Pty Ltd is a holding company for two financially-focused websites, RatioAnalysis.net & accofina.com.

Acknowledgements and References:

Axel did not create or invent any of these ratios. They are based on the previous work of others and were learned at university and through reading. And because Axel is a university graduate, he must reference his sources. Therefore, with many thanks to the following, this website was possible:

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